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₺ 2.100.000
Property ID: 226
Field - For Sale
Detached Parcels 10.577m²
10,577m2 In Sultaniye there is no field road water electric telephone problem for sale very close to Köyceğinz Lake There are local and foreign depositors around the land very close to the village center sultaniye kaplucas and many bathrooms the soil of the field is very fertile farm can also plant the land vineyard garden If you bring it to the area you can make a house in the village 20 km air
₺ 2.000.000
Property ID: 213
Field - For Sale
Detached Parcels 10.038m²
10038m2 fields are for sale in Köyceğinz Ekincik. There are no roads, no water, no phone problems. Electricity is next to 150m. Suitable for future investment. The price of the land with nature and forest views, which is 1.5km to the sea, 35km to Köyceğinz and 40km from the airport: 2,000,000 TL
₺ 12.250.000
Property ID: 58
Field - For Sale
Plaster 25.190m²
Koycez Çandır Neighborhood canal zero 25,190m2 in an elite place 5% residential zoning field is for sale I would recommend for future investment special zoning plan can be made plans for tourism purposes can be made around the capped hot waters close to nature and oraman lake view ferry close to the land 1 m2 250 tl agricultural ones zoning plots The current price between 1 m2 1000 and 1,500 TL
₺ 925.000
Property ID: 195
Field - For Sale
Detached Parcels 8.500m²
8500m2 field road for sale near the lake in Eskiköy there is no problem with the water electricity telephone there are local and foreign investors around the region as we go to the top level those who are constantly investing in the soil is fertile greenhouse and narence pomegranate grows fruit trees very close to homes There are electricity subscribers in your land on the second floor takes in t
₺ 1.500.000
Property ID: 60
Field - For Sale
Detached Parcels 15.760m²
ortaca eskiköy 15 in the quarter,flat 760m2 of land for sale narenc pomegranate fruits such as lemon are fertile soil are suitable for the greenhouse water electricity phone the way to iztuzu beach dalyan, ortaca 15 km 10 km 4 km has no problem location dalaman airport is situated 25 km from the nature of the field, which offer views of the forest price:1,500,000 tl
₺ 2.950.000
Property ID: 107
Field - For Sale
Plaster 21.671m²
vineyard farm for sale near the sea gokce also 21671m2 the edge of the forest garden can be done in the greenhouse, flat terrain, roads, water, electricity, phone has no problem, the sea 400 meters from akyaka to marmaris from dalaman airport, 70 km 5 km 15 km 25 km from cedar island and the field has a range of oraman going forward i would recommend you to invest in your field with nature and sea
₺ 2.580.000
Property ID: 121
Field - For Sale
Detached Parcels 73.410m²
packed full of pomegranate gardens near the centre of dalyan land for agricultural purposes is for sale 73410m2 roads, water, electricity, phone has no problem going forward i would recommend you to invest in iztuzu beach in dalyan is 25 km from dalaman airport 1.5 km to 12 km with the distance of your land price:  2,580,000tl
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