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About Dalaman

Untouched nature, long sandy beaches, turquoise sea and spectacular views of local and foreign tourists to experience an unforgettable holiday in Dalaman, which offers its visitors with the favorite position with calmness. Dalaman sea, sand, sun holidays, as well as contributes to a large extent on cultural tourism with ancient cities. Even if you get away from the bustle of the city for a few days only in the summer, spring and winter to Dalaman, where you can visit, you can get away from the stress of taking long hiking trips. Dalaman is dominated by a typical Mediterranean climate mild and rainy in the winter months when you pass the summer months are hot and dry. Dalaman beautiful bays where you can live until the end of the peace, fresh air, delicious food from the holidays with expectancy until the end of your meets.

Dalaman Is Where?

Muğla Dalaman in the Aegean region is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region. In the North, Dalaman, Dalyan, Fethiye, in the south of Denizli province in the West and Oriya in the East it is bordered by the counties of St John's which is depending on.

How To Get There Dalaman?

Izmir, located on the highway connecting Mugla to Fethiye, Dalaman is quite easy to access. To Dalaman can be reached by road and air. Izmir and Dalaman are between 375 kilometers. The journey lasts approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes by private car. The journey is 75 miles and takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to Dalaman Mugla. Between Fethiye and Dalaman can be reached by car in approximately 30 minutes and 45 kilometers. 240 kilometers between Antalya and Dalaman. Approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes via the town in your car you can come to Fethiye. There are regular bus services to Mugla from many provinces of Turkey. To Dalaman from Muğla bus station you can arrive in a few hours with the van. Cheap Dalaman you can choose the airline you want to reach in a short time. Dalaman airport, Kalkan is one of two international airports. You can easily transport by air from Istanbul and Ankara to Dalaman. Dalaman airport taxis and transfer services center is 10 km and the distance between you can choose.

Which is one of the most beautiful villages of Dalaman

mugla to visit, visitors, nature, clear blue sea and offers a pleasant and peaceful holiday with clean air. Shaken in among the pine trees in the Dalaman area, which is one of the bay you can enjoy the sea. If you want to spend a pleasant day, in the Bay of sarigerme beach and soak up the sun and swim a lot during the day Ekinci. Sarigerme Beach, Dalaman Beach is the widest. That have a length of seven miles on the beach under the trees a book you can read, you can taste delicious dishes in the restaurant when you were hungry. To get rid of the sweltering heat in the summer, we recommend you to stop by the Dalaman River. A number of rafting on the Dalaman river enthusiasts stop. Made in Turkey for rafting on the Dalaman stream which is one of the best places where you can experience moments full of adrenaline. If you want to witness to the history of the town of Dalaman you have to visit the ancient city of telmessos. Ancient rock tombs from centuries ago is home to residential areas and the city which attracts the interest of local and foreign tourists. For history buffs, which is also located within the boundaries of the village of the collar being one of the most important settlements of Lycia, TLOs ancient city visit.

What To Eat In Dalaman?

You can taste the unique flavours of the cuisine influenced by the Ottoman cuisine Dalaman. Featured entrees are mainly meat dishes with olive oil also occupies an important place in Dalaman. Dalaman among the people in the “big head” Mavrou, known as mullet, blue crab, which is found in abundance in the lagoon, and the largest fresh water fishes in Dalaman river catfish you can try.For tapas lovers, glasswort, sea and Dalaman is one of the most famous snack Silca yogurtlamas. Sweetgum Restaurant, Sycamore Restaurant, Agora Restaurant, Pomegranate restaurant are among the places where you can try the most delicious seafood. Husband taste delicious pastries at Joseph's Diner, an authentic stone house in the village can make the breakfast.



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