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₺ 625.000
Property ID: 220
Land - For Sale

540M2 Land For Sale In Okçular

Plaster 540m²
540m2 land is for sale within the zoning plan in Archers. There are no roads, no water, no electricity, no telephone problems. Around it are domestic and foreign investors. It is within walking distance of places such as schools and grocery stores. It is 100m from dalyan-Ortaca road. The land is 4km from dalyan centre, 15km from Iztuzu beach and 20km from the airport and offers views of nature and
₺ 750.000
Property ID: 28
Land - For Sale
Plaster 750m²
Ortaca Yerbelende 750m2 has 30+60% zoning double construction permit road water electricity telephone problem.The area has private schools and lolejs around which quite investors are attracting I recommend for investment 30+60 main road 250 km is within walking distance of shopping markets.The price of the land, which is 12 km from 10 km sarıgerme beach to 2 km airport to the center:750,000TL
$ 220.000
Property ID: 81
Land - For Sale
Detached Parcels 2.081m²
Ortaca Archers marmaling has 2,081m2 20+40% residential zoning double construction permits road water electricity telephone problem no forward investment recommend around domestic foreign investors around zoning in archers The plan is being renewed and there is a view of the nature mountain forest.The price of the land, which is 2 km from the center, which is 15 km from iztuzu beach and 22 km from
₺ 3.800.000
Property ID: 12
Land - For Sale
Plaster 1.500m²
Dalyan Gulpinar has two floors of construction permits with 1500m2 20+40% zoning from the corner near the center Road water electricity telephone problem where the land is very elite I recommend for forward-looking investment viila prices in the region about 3,000.000 TL is within walking distance of the market place open to shopping markets Iztuzu beach 10 km to the airport 24 kmdo and the price
₺ 950.000
Property ID: 207
Land - For Sale
Plaster 1.197m²
Ortaca Fevziye has two floors of construction permits with 1197m2 20% residential zoning near the sea Road water electricity telephone problem there is no land total construction area 250m2 arasa has lemon and orange trees around local and foreign There are new constructions of new constructions, there is a dusk settlement available at sarıgerme beach 8 km to the airport 8 km dalaman 4 km mid-15
₺ 2.800.000
Property ID: 23
Land - For Sale
Plaster 1.006m²
Dalyan Gulpinar has 1006m2 15+30% residential and tourism zoning double construction permits in Tufan street. You can build two villas on this land close to this land and the location where a boutique hotel can be made between 17 and 20 rooms is in a very nice place.I recommend for further investment 10 km to Iztuzu beach 23 km from Dalaman airport is with a view of the land and forest view. Price
₺ 1.150.000
Property ID: 16
Villa - For Sale
4+13 500m²
Seydikemer beachfront luxury villa for sale in 500m2 plot 4 bedrooms open kitchen 3 bathroom bedrooms on the ground floor also on the ground floor in the bathroom the rooms are on the upper floor one has an outdoor pool with an outdoor pool villa zero Every room without expense has a, there are local and foreign investors around it, it is usually predominantly British, 30 km to the airport, 75 km
£ 300.000
Property ID: 31
Villa - For Sale
4+14 579m²
Dalyan Gülpınar 579m2 plot insin 4 bedrooms 1 living room open Built-in Kitchen with 3 bathroom outdoor swimming pool full furnished and each room air-conditioned detached villa for sale villa summer barracks can stay buying Within walking distance of the shopping markets and the bazaar.the materials and workmanship used in the construction were used first class.the price of the villa, which is
€ 250.000
Property ID: 33
Villa - For Sale
4+13 1.000m²
Dalyan Gökbel has a 4-bedroom 1-lounge open kitchen in a 500m2 plot with full sea views, a private villa with 3 bathrooms with nature and forest sea view has a full-item villa in every room with full belongings, 2.5 km into the iztuzu sea and 7 km to dalaman airport 15 km from the villa price:250,000 EURO
₺ 2.250.000
Property ID: 210
Detached House - For Sale
2+11 1.222m²
A single-storey reinforced concrete bungalow with 2 bedrooms, 1 living room independent kitchen, 1 bathroom, 2 wcli, wide terrace is for sale in Archers in 1,222m2 plot. It has the use of about 150 m2. Its net usage is 125m2. There are mostly orange and lemon fruit trees in the plot. The garden has its own watering dynamo. Additional construction can be carried out. It has views of nature and fore
₺ 2.150.000
Property ID: 225
Villa - For Sale
3+13 612m²
In Dalyan, there is air conditioning in each room with 3 bedrooms, 1 living kitchen with 3 bathrooms and an outdoor swimming pool, and the pool and forest view from the lounge is within walking distance of shopping and open market markets, 10 km from dalyannmerkeze 1 km to dalaman airport 25 km from the villa price:2,150,000tl
£ 280.000
Property ID: 34
Villa - For Sale
4+14 1.098m²
Dalyan Gülpınar has 1 bedroom on the ground floor with 4 bathrooms in 1098m2 plot 1 living kitchen with 4 bathrooms fully-belonging detached aes and pool with underfloor heated outdoor pool with shower and terrace bathroom batteries are private The villa is within walking distance of the center.the area where the villa is located has new construction I would recommend to invest forward in the fo
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